How to use your Personalized Branding Iron

Place the iron on hot coals, gas range or electric coil burner.  If you have a rotisserie burner on your grill, this works great.  The first heating will burn off the protective paint finish.  Just before serving meat, take the heated iron with a padded glove or hot pad and with a gentle top-to-bottom and side-to-side rocking motion, brand the meat.  That's all there is to it!



Care of your iron

Your branding iron is made of steel and should prove very durable.  However, from time to time, it will rust or get dirty.  To clean, just take steel wool, an SOS pad, wire brush, or piece of sandpaper and rub lightly.  Be sure to dry iron thoroughly after cleaning to prevent further rusting.  If you are going to store the iron for some time, a few drops of cooking oil may be spread over the iron to provide a good protective coating, or use cooking spray to coat lightly.  The oil will be completely burned off when next used.