Sloan Brands has been making personalized miniature branding irons since 1964, probably the first to make branding irons for steaks!  

We take great pleasure in hand crafting irons for those folks that are very special to you.  It is an honor to create that gift for your father or mother on that special day.  Remember that graduate with a unique gift of a personalized branding iron.  Your buddy that shares his deer lease and likes to BBQ – get him a gift that will last for a lifetime as do those stories!

How about that couple that you love to spend time with grilling that steak and sipping the wine?  What better way to thank that couple by sending an iron that will recall those special memories every time they grill?

Are you a professional looking for that personalized and yet affordable gift that truly will bring a smile, a memory for years to come?  Think about a hand crafted miniature branding iron for safety recognition, company milestones, real estate closures, house warmings, sales and corporate team building events.

Think of our irons for a truly unique unity wedding ceremony and gifts for those special folks at your wedding that demonstrate your admiration for those standing up for you. 

Sloan Brands thanks you for letting us be a part of those moments that turn into memories for a lifetime.  Let Sloan Brands be your go to gift for those special times.

Our very best to you and yours,

Dean & Vivian Walker



Heat on the grill to brand steaks, burgers, chicken, even pie crust or grilled cheese sandwiches.  Let your imagination be your guide!

Your miniature branding iron can also be used on wood or leather.  Make your mark on your handcrafted items.



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